Kansas Municipal Courts
Welcome to the Kansas Association for Court Management
Spring Conference in Topeka March 27th, 2015.

About KACM

The Kansas Association for Court Management was chartered on June 27, 1986 in Emporia, Kansas. Since that time, the membership has grown from nine to over 350. This rapid growth in membership, along with the acceptance of the Association by State Officials, offers optimism for the continuing success of the organization. KACM strives to face the issues which concern all personnel of Municipal Courts.

KACM Goals

  • Continuing education for Court Managers, Clerks, Administrators, and Assistants
  • Interaction between members with problem-solving ideas
  • Organization input into Legislation that will affect Municipal Courts
  • An organized voice to State agencies
  • Consistency within the Municipal Courts
  • Promoting public trust and confidence

A Professional Organization for Court Management

KACM is an organization of court clerks and court staffed focused on helping all of it's members understand and perform their job responsibilities within the guidelines of the Kansas State and Supreme Court regulations. However, KACM also recognizes that, as court clerks, we need to be able to network with other court clerks and gather ideas and support from all of the cities of the State. KACM also benefits you personally by creating a network of friends. These new friends have experienced your problems and can assist in solving some of these troublesome situations.

As a KACM member, you will receive two additional newsletters. Newsletters include highlights of the past convention, updates from the Driver Control, application of new legislation pertaining to municipal courts and minutes of the KACM business meetings along with any other pertinent information. We also have a conference in the Fall of the year and provide training and the ability to network with your fellow court clerks.

KACM has focused on the position of being "court clerk" in a Kansas Municipal court; addressing the problems that are unique to our positions. The recognition of KACM as a professional association has resulted in the Supreme Court working with us to create a manual designed especially for a Municipal Court Clerk in Kansas. KACM now provides the trainers to the Supreme Court for their conference in the Spring and we are excited about the information we obtain in these conferences. KACM is also recognized by the Kansas League of Municipalities. KACM hopes we can improve your life by providing you with information, education and support as you strive to survive in your position of a Municipal Court Clerk.

Need More Information?

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